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70,69 EUR*
Details Artists on the Left: American Artists and the Communist Movement, 1926-1956

Artists on the Left An examination of the relation between visual artists and the 20th-century American Communist movement. Offering an account of how left-wing artists responded to the Party's various policy shifts over the years, it shows that the ...

8,82 EUR*
Details The Working Musician: The Essentials of the Music Business for New Artists

The Working Musician The internet has given artists the ability to share their music with the world instantly. But many artists jump in without knowing exactly what they're getting into. What resources are available? How have other artists used them ...

37,14 EUR*
Details Women Artists at the Millennium (October Books (Hardcover))

Women Artists at the Millennium Artists, art historians, and critics look at the legacies of feminism and critical theory in the work of women artists, more than thirty years after the beginning of the modern women's movement and Linda Nochlin's ...

14,91 EUR*
Details I'm the Best Artist in the Ocean!

I'm the Best Artist in the Ocean! The giant squid that charmed readers in "I'm the Biggest Thing in the Ocean" is also the best artist in the ocean, and he sets out to prove it in this fun follow-up that features a gatefold spread of the squid's ...

48,49 EUR*
Details The Artist and the Warrior: Military History Through the Eyes of the Masters

The Artist and the Warrior How have artists across the millennia responded to warfare? In this book, the author blends military history and the history of art to search for the answers. It draws our attention to masterpieces from the ancient world to ...

33,35 EUR*
Details Women Artists: An Illustrated History

Women Artists With coverage of the 1990s and the beginning of the new millennium, nearly half of the fourth edition of this history is devoted to the remarkable period from 1960 to the present, when women artists emerged as the most dynamic force in ...

16,67 EUR*
Details Artists at Home: Inspired Ideas from the Homes of New Mexico Artists

Artists at Home Fourteen prominent New Mexico artists invite readers into their homes for an informal chat about their artwork and their homes. These colorful casas in the Land of Enchantment reflect a range of diverse structures and interiors not ...

22,43 EUR*
Details The Sketchbook War: Saving the Nation's Artists in World War II

The Sketchbook War During the Second World War, British artists produced over 6,000 works of war art, but this is not a book about art, rather the stories of nine courageous war artists who ventured closer to the front line than any others in their ...

10,92 EUR*
Details Various Artists - The Legends: Live at Montreux 1997

Various Artists - The Legends: Live at Montreux 1997

9,60 EUR*
Details Alaskan Artists Series: Gold Rush Sudoku! (Alaskan Artist Series)

Alaskan Artists Series This book is another in the popular series and overnight success in the Official Alaskan Artists Series Puzzle Books, made in Alaska, by Alaskans, for everybody! The books feature a wealth of information about Alaska, while ...

18,94 EUR*
Details The Map as Art: Contemporary Artists Explore Cartography

The Map as Art This volume by Harmon, author of the bestselling book "You Are Here," extends that book's celebration of mapmaking to the world of artists' maps. Harmon collects 360 colorful, map-related artistic visions by well-known artists.

26,99 EUR*
Details Artist-teacher: A Philosophy for Creating and Teaching

Artist-teacher The philosophy of the artist-teacher is not a fresh phenomenon. In fact, many artists working within the Bauhaus, nineteenth century Schools of Design, and The Basic Design Movement all applied this method of thinking to their teaching ...

19,90 EUR*
Details Mozart: the man and the artist, as revealed in his own words

[{ Mozart: The Man and the Artist, as Revealed in His Own Words By Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus ( Author ) Dec - 06- 2012 ( Hardcover ) } ]

26,00 EUR*
Details Vintage photo of Gala artists union, 1966.

Size 7.9" x 12.2"  Gala artists union, 1966.Every year for a night time, actors, comedians and singers get engaged in the circus ring, During the Artists Union Gala, a charity event to Support the Artists Union, qui helps young artists to make a ...

18,49 EUR*
Details How to Become a Video Game Artist: The Insider's Guide to Landing a Job in the Gaming World

How to Become a Video Game Artist Starting with the basics of game creation and a look at the artistic skills necessary to get started, this title offers key roles for creators - from concept artists to character animators to marketing artists and ...

13,55 EUR*
Details Various Artists - Rapmania: The Roots of Rap

Artist: VariousManufacturer: Pegasus Entertainment

10,39 EUR*
Details Canticle to the Sun/United Artists

United Artists - Quiet in the Land - Fire, Ice, and Summer Bronze - Autumn Rhythm - Canticle to the Sun / Timothy Jones, cor - London Symphony Orchestra - JoAnn Falletta, direction

12,60 EUR*
Details Uggie, the Artist: My Story

Uggie: My Story A heartwarming memoir by the Jack Russell Terrier that starred in the films "Water for Elephants" and the 2011 Academy Award winner for Best Picture, "The Artist." Uggie's memoir offers readers the true rags-to-riches tale of one ...

18,32 EUR*
Details Jazz Bass Artists of the 1950s

Jazz Bass Artists of the 1950s This work explores the musical, creative and artistic contributions of 15 leading jazz bassists of the Fifties. A chapter on each one offers a timeline as well as biographical information detailing the unfolding of the ...